Day two of planting seeds in the greenhouse which is filling up. It’s amazing how quickly this happens and I’m already imagining how it will feel in there when the seedlings have shown themselves and have grown enough to be potted on… yet more pots!

Today I have planted Sweet peas ‘Spencer special mix’, Echinacea purpurea, Climbing French beans ‘Solista’, Physalis alkekengi ‘Chinese Lanterns’ and Morning Glory ‘Heavenly Blue’. I should start seeing seedlings in about 2 – 3 weeks from now and to encourage germination I have covered them with plastic bags that I keep from manure and grit purchases.

Temperatures are up at the moment but frost is bound to return and the bubble wrap insulation does help keep temperatures inside the cold greenhouse just above freezing point. I hope to begin selling plants this year and am really excited by the prospect of being able to offer home-grown plants to clients.