Billardiera longiflora (Climbing blueberry)Wow!!! This evergreen climber is exquisite with its purple bell shaped scented flowers which ripen into purple fruits during the Autumn.  Billardiera longiflora (longiflora means long flowering) is magnificant planted through a large shrub or against a wall for somewhere to climb in a sunny position.

I am currently embellishing a design for a client’s Dingly Dell with this beautiful climber and it will surely look jewel-bedecked in all her fruitful glory when the time comes.

Botanical name: Billardiera longiflora
Other names: Climbing blueberry
Genus: Billardiera
Species: B. longiflora – B. longiflora is a slow-growing, evergreen, climbing shrub. It has glossy, narrow, dark-green leaves and in summer bears pretty, pendent, bell-shaped, cream flowers that are heavily scented. Blue-purple berries follow in autumn.
Billardiera longiflora is: Evergreen
Flower: Cream in Summer
Foliage: Dark-green in All seasons
Fruit: Purple in Autumn
Fragrance: Flowers have a strong perfume
Habit: Climbing
Toxicity: Ingestion may cause discomfort
Awards: RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit)

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