Aucuba japonicaRemoval of Aucuba japonicaAucuba japonica root ballAucuba japonica in new positionAfter consulting with my client, I fortified myself with the courage of conviction that I was taking the right action in moving a 16 year old Aucuba japonica into a more shady part of the garden. By moving the plant into a better position we created more space on the sunnier side of the garden for more colourful and sun seeking plants.

When Aucuba japonica’s are planted in the wrong place (full sun) they are prone to having their leaves scorched and turning black, not good for the plant nor is it good to look at.

After twenty minutes of careful excavation the plant came out beautifully, as you can see the root ball was very healthy and I made sure the plant had plenty of water before planting into the new position. I settled the plant in with the heel of my wellies to make sure the soil was well fitting around the roots and base of the plant.

Winter time is the perfect time for moving your perennial plants around your garden. Go on, you know you want to..